Shujaa Graham

Exonerated Death Row Inmate ~ Anti-Death Penalty Activist

"I was framed because of my beliefs and because I was outspoken about prison conditions."



"We need a government that would be so sensitive to the needs of the people that its every endeavor would be towards building peace and happiness and not preying on the misery of people. And that’s really how the death penalty goes--it preys upon people’s fears"
  "I've tried to integrate the prison issue with other movements. My politics go far beyond prison itself, but because I’ve been in prison, I felt a responsibility to try to expose the conditions of prison life, to fight against new prisons, to address how the disenfranchised will be tomorrow’s victims of the prison system."“I stand here wounded by the blows of the death penalty of racism, trying to end this awful reality,”
  Photos Courtesy Scott Langley: